by The Grus

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wonderdog I still like Tricky's "Maxinquaye" a lot and this album is very much along those lines: great, simple rhythms & a spunky female voice.


"Based in north-west Russia, The Grus create their unique palette of sounds using analogue synths, old-fashioned guitars from the Soviet-era, tape recorders and an array of handmade instruments and microphones. The down-tempo beats team up with a mix of vintage analogue synths, hooky bass-lines, deliciously icy atmospheres, and the band’s trademark female vocals. This is a cornucopia of sound! It’s chilled out, it’s moody, and it’s dreamy. The album is lyrically very poetic and expressive with just the right touch of tortured love."
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released April 30, 2015

Alexandra Zhuravleva
voice piano field recordings

Simon Gendor
synths guitars bass programming

with a help from

Cody Carpenter

Antip Suratov

Vladimir Sapunov

Grant Hiers

Ksenia Ermakova
trombone, flute

Nina The Crow

Blue Fog Magpies

All songs written by the Grus

music by The Grus and Dvory
lyrics by William M. Golden, 1918

music by Grant Hiers and The Grus
lyrics by Frances R. Havergal, 1874
lyrics modified by The Grus

Produced by Gendor and Mother Nature
Chupriyanovka, Russia, 2014 - 2015
Artwork by Alexandra Zhuravleva

This album is dedicated to the memory of Sergey A. Dubov



all rights reserved


The Grus Russia

All the little birdies dream about a nest. All my life i'm waiting, i need to take a rest.

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Track Name: To Be A Child
Each day I'll do
A golden deed
By helping those
Who are in need
My life on earth
Is but a span
And so I'll do
The best I can

Life's evening sun
Is sinking low
A few more days
And I must go
To meet the deed
That I have done
Where there will be
No setting sun

To be a child
Of God each day
My light must shine
Along the way
Track Name: Welcome To The Night
I fell in love with night
Daylight makes me blind

If the light has gone out in your soul
If the light has gone out in your soul
Welcome to the night, no matter boy or girl
I wouldn't mind dying if dying was all

Winter, spring and summer and fall
I wouldn't mind dying if dying was all
Welcome to the night, no matter boy or girl
If the light has gone out in your soul
Track Name: God Is In The Rain
Hey, take me away
Way beyond the blue
All I ever want
Is to find a way
That’ll lead me to
The way to you
To you
Show me - what you got?
God is in the rain
God is in a wailing and pain
Track Name: A Secret Place
There is a secret place i like to go
There is a secret place that i belong
A wonderland, a myth, the great unknown
There is a place i like to go

Something's wrong with this life
Track Name: The Great Nest
All the little birdies
Dream about a nest
All my life i'm waiting
I need to take a rest
The Great nest in the sky...
Track Name: Take Me
Take my voice, and let me sing
"Everyday forever spring"
Take my heart, you see it's cold
Take my silver and my gold
Take my love, my will and life
Take my very high five
Take myself, and I will be
Ever only all for Thee

Take my moments and my days
Give me sun and give me rays
Take my lips, and kiss them wild
Hold me now and hold me tight

Take me
Track Name: Home
Rainy day
Alone on the way

But i will find a home
Find a home
Whatever it takes

And we should be together
Be together
Whatever it takes

Talk to me now
Answer me - how
To be happy in here?
In a land full of fear

Don't let me down
Don't let me down
I'm nothing without
You and your world

Be brave and
Be with me
Now and here
My name and hold me
Track Name: Jupiter
Я вижу сон и он как явь
Такой живой щемящий
Я вижу мир вокруг меня
Как будто настоящий
Но знаю только
Это не моя Земля
Лето не мое с весною
Не мои большие города
И небо звезд немое
Но тот-же цвет и аромат
Озера и пустыни
Я вижу мир и он как явь
И белый снег и иней

Засыпай, закрыты двери
Окна лишь открыть
Улетаем в эти окна
Спишь или не спишь
Вот под нами крыши
Птицы , небо, облака
И становится как мячик
Круглая Земля
Мы возьмем ее в ладони
Мы даруем свет
Мы изменим все с тобою
Веришь или нет
Тихо встретит нас Юпитер
Спим или не спим
Отдохнем и дальше
В космос вечный полетим
Track Name: So Glad I'm Here
So glad i'm here
I'm so glad i'm here
No people to talk
No fire and smoke
No road to walk
No fire and smoke
So glad i'm here
I'm so glad i'm here
No one to blame


How does it feel
To know
How does it feel
To be alone
Like you